"2020" is a gamechanger

Thursday, 20 August 2020 by Jo Holmes

This member portal is bridge innovation at its best - and its free when you join 2020bridge Club. The portal allows your club to manage membership and to deliver personalised results and analysis. It will even help you find a playing partner. In a nutshell, it offers signed-up members a range of services previously unimaginable.  It automates tasks that were time-consuming, and provides much more:

·         automated email delivery for member communication,

·         automatic results by email and via personalised on-screen imagery.

·         managing member database

·         membership renewals

·         management reports

For the first time members will be able to replay hands, monitor their performance, and improve their game without leaving our 2020 site.

This new technology used by 2020 Bridge Club is available to all members. It joins us with other clubs around the globe and embraces the technical systems that are helping expand bridge memberships. The clearsighted twenty twenty vision of the club's founders puts the club at the forefront of this technological change whilst promoting the social aspects of the game for its members.