2020 Bridge Club (Waiheke) – the story so far

2020 Bridge Club (Waiheke) is a new bridge club on Waiheke Island, a beautiful island only 35 minutes from central Auckland by ferry. It was formed during the Covid-19 lockdown period by three bridge players who wanted a friendly, sociable club with a single focus on community engagement.

The three founders, Glenda, Martyn, and Jo formed the club as a Charitable Trust. They devoted their time during the Covid 19 lockdown to the establishment of the club, including premises, playing facilities, technical equipment and finance. On 15 June 2020, as soon as lockdown was over, they opened the doors for the first meeting at their new premises, the Lodge 34 Moa Ave.

What the 24 bridge players who played that day found was a club with all the infrastructure of a modern bridge club, including computerised equipment for bidding, scoring and results, bespoke bridge tables embroidered with the club logo, and wall monitors to show the scoring and progress throughout a game. They were also treated to espresso coffee, home cooking for lunch and a selection of teas most cafes would envy.

New members were encouraged from the start by Jo and Glenda who provided beginner and improver lessons every Tuesday. The club also embraced on-line play through BBO with hosted and organised Teams events. This has helped grow the membership to over 40 in just a couple of months.

The club embraced modern technology from the start and continues to promote online play - which is free to members. There are online sessions for members on Friday afternoons and evenings. Members also provide teams to play in the new online Global Bridge League Teams event organised by Martyn and Jo. This offers the possibility of meeting like-minded players and making bridge friendships around the world.

The clear, twenty twenty vision for the club has been realised. It is a thriving, friendly, innovative club where players can enjoy all aspects of the game.

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